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Jeong’s Fall 2016 Newsletter

As we enter into another season in the year, we have entered also into another season in the Ministry. We have been blessed to be on this journey that God has taken us through over the past 4 years.

This past April, as most of you know, God opened the doors for YWAM to get a foundation that purchased the beautiful property that we have been renting to own the past 3 years. Then in Aug, we were blessed to have over 100 people come and stand with us as we dedicated this property to the work of our Heavenly Father, who has made it all possible to begin with. We give him all the praise and all the Glory!

As a family we have also begun a new season. Jen has stepped back from ministry more to focus on being mom, homeschooling kids and upgrading her high school to open doors to college. God has placed on her heart to pursue Midwifery. She still takes care of the base financials and is part of the leadership team, but does not take part in most of the day to day working for the base.

Enoch is in his 3rd year of University with one more year to go until he has completed his Masters in Community Development. He has also been invited more to speak and preach and so has been travelling a bit more these days. This fall he made a trip to Korea to translate for a mentor and friend Pastor David Kalamen who was invited to speak there at a DTS. Enoch will also be going to Montana to speak at a Ministry School there this November , as well as possibly to Edmonton, AB to speak at a Youth event. He is also leading this DTS that is taking place at our own base and speaking in it as well. God is opening doors for him to share the message on his heart and we are excited for the doors that God continues to open.

Our girls are growing like crazy! Hannah is almost 8 now and in Grade 3. She enjoys cooking, mystery, swimming and has begun Taekwondo twice a week. She loves learning more about God and is always thinking of ways she can take care of the world around her. Esther will be 6 this year and is in Grade 1. She is a firecracker. :-) She is full of adventure and also has begun Taekwondo, and enjoys it very much. She loves to learn with her hands and if she can be out in the mud all day she would be, she also loves to dance and swim. Joanah (JoJo) is 4 and our little dancer. She loves to sing, dance and ride her bike. She is a song bird and can be found through out the day making up her own little tunes about the things she loves. She is in Preschool and loves to learn! Sarah is almost 2. Boy time has gone by fast, our baby is now potty training and still keeping us on our toes. She loves to dance and sing as well. She is daily keeping us laughing and smiling with the words she says and the things she does! We thanks the Lord for the gift of our Children!

Blessed to Be a Blessing

The past few months God has been really talking to us as a family about our finances, our family, our ministry and His heart for it all. Over the past 6 years of pioneering ministry we have accumulated a debt of money needed to help the ministry to operate during the low and new stages. God has told us that now is the time that this debt needs to be taken care of. We have also felt that now is the time for our family to pray about getting our own place off the main base property. Also he has really shown all 6 of us that we are to go on outreach this winter with the DTS! A lot of words with finances, but he has shown us that we are blessed to bless and by being faithful with what we do have, he will provide for what we don’t. So we began praying about what he wanted us to do to take steps of faith in paying off debt, going on outreach and getting our own place. We were given wisdom about shuffling some RRSPs we had for kids education funds, opening up some money to go towards the debt. He also blessed Enoch with a student grant & small student loan to help with his education costs! He placed on our hearts about selling our wedding rings and other gold jewelry we had to get some fund to put towards outreach. He has put a praying heart in all of us, even the kids, for our our place.

Since we have taken these steps God has begun opening floodgates and He placed on someone else’s heart to bless our family with yet another large chunk of funds to go towards paying off debts. We are humbled by God’s love, faithfulness, and provision and we walk this out humbly before our God. We are excited for all he has ahead, know without him we can do nothing!

Praise Reports:

  • The funds that he has so greatly blessed us with, for obedient hearts willing to do what God leads.

  • Opening of doors for Enoch to go and share the words God has given him to share.

  • Jen being able to step back and homeschool kids and pour into our children at this time.

  • The YWAM base being able to purchase the property and continuing to grow in all God has for it!

Prayer Requests:

  • Funds for our family to be able to go on Outreach with the DTS.

  • Our own home off base property that allows us to do all God has placed on our hearts!

  • Opportunities to continue to open for Enoch to go and speak.

  • That the remaining debt will be able to be taken care of quickly, so funds can go further into what we are doing.

Thank you so much for all of your prayers, support and encouragement as we walk where God would have us go. We always love hearing from you! We pray that you are all doing well and that you will be blessed as you have blessed us!

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