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Serving local churches and making room for God to move through our praises 

What we do 

Our worship ministry department seeks to partner with other ministries and reach our community through facilitating worship. We are passionate about bringing God's people together. We believe that God delights in meeting with us when we gather together in his presence to glorify his name and seek his will as individuals and as the greater body of Christ.


Invite us to your church

We are pleased to be able to assist local churches by facilitating worship.  Please contact us to arrange a date 

Worship Encounter

We frequently host what we call "Worship Encounters"; an opportunity for people from the community and local churches to come together in a neutral setting for a time of worship, prayer and personal ministry time. During these special evenings, we witness God move powerfully to touch lives and renew our awareness of the Holy Spirit's presence in our community, nation and world. If you would like to join us,  please follow our Facebook page or send us a message through the inquiry form below.

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