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Sound of the Nations

Training Overview

Sound of the Nations is about embracing your identity.


May 18th, 2024 - June 16th, 2024


$1000.00 CAD


Registered Accredited Secondary School with the U of N.

Credits: 4 


There are no prerequisites required.

What is Sound of the Nations?

This 4 week seminar will be focused on Identity, God’s heart for the nations, cultural redemption, and multicultural worship expressions.

All Hands In

Embracing Who
You Are

Our greatest focus is on identity

Identity is who you are and is not defined by what you do, your talents, culture, past, family etc.

It is knowing who God is and embracing who He called you to be as a child of God so as to bring Him glory.


Core message:


Know who you are:

o Look at yourself the way God sees you

o Be completely aware of who you are (and what you carry)


Know who you are in Christ:

o Embrace how God made you

o Know that you (and what you carry) are enough


Other things try shape/define our identity:

o Your culture, family, past, language, social status, role, etc…

o Your talent does not define your identity


Your relationship with God defines your identity:

o Discover who God is.

o As you discover God, you discover who you are.



Celebrate who you are (and what you carry) in God. The only way to truly know who you are, is

know who God is.

Sheet Music and Guitar

Multicultural Worship Expressions


Sound of the Nations
Seminar Leader

Edward Theunissen

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